Our Family Treating Your Family

The mission of Island Center Center is to restore health to every one of our patients and provide a supportive healing environment for patients and their families.

The entire staff at Island Cancer Center is dedicated to helping patients through their treatment with strength and comfort. Our empathy comes through first-hand experience with family and friends who have faced cancer.

Our Philosophy

We are committed to healing patients. All day, every day. We recruit exceptional people and invest in the latest treatment equipment. 

At Island Cancer Center we also keep in mind how the disease affects each person and their loved ones.

We promise to communicate clearly, explaining medical terms you don't understand, so you can actively participate in your treatment, if you choose. 

We believe patients who are educated and empowered feel more in control, participate in decisions about their care, build confidence to face challenges, create less stress on the family, and have a winning attitude which can lead to better outcomes. 

At Island Cancer Center, you will not feel alone on your journey.