Lockdowns won't affect

Island Cancer Center operations

Friday, March 20th 2020, 5:23 PM ChST

By KUAM News

Amidst all the chaos of COVID-19, concerns were raised about how cancer patients are being cared for during the lockdown.

During the i94 FM, KUAM News weekday morning show "Containing Covid" morning show on Friday, Melissa Waibel, CEO of Island Cancer Center and Guam Surgicenter, which handles radiology oncology, said their patients will continue to come to their clinic even with the lockdown.

"Radiation oncology works by succession," she said. "You have to come and meet every one of those appointments in order to get the best outcome for your cancer."

Waibel said the clinic has procedures put in place to ensure the limit of traffic and the amount of people that have to pass coming into the clinic.

"We asked them to be delivered directly to our back door so they don't have to go through the common areas," she said. "So they come directly into our clinic, we can take their temperature when they come in, we make a pre-screening phone call to them to make sure if they have any symptoms that would put them as a person under investigation, then we would mask them when they come in. They still need to make their appointments."

If patients have any questions regarding their appointment they are encouraged to call their clinics or health care providers.

Island Cancer Center brings comprehensive cancer treatment to Guam and neighboring islands with advanced technology and an experienced and caring medical provider.

We match the best clinical care with compassionate attention. Island Cancer Center features a Varian Linear Accelerator and the convenience of appointments available within 24 hours.

Island Cancer Center is part of Guam Surgicenter and is located in Guam Medical Plaza.